Thursday, July 16, 2009

why are our kid's camps so popular you ask?

this is our first week of kid's camp of the summer...
it has been sold out for awhile, even though I don't handle registration, I know this for sure - they always sell out.

I was working at my desk this afternoon and had the giggles.
this pile was staring at me:

58 recipes. I found it long to correct, revise and format...but then had a thought for the chef who wrote them from the start.

all these recipes in next week's camp, this is why we sell out!!! Preparing more than 10 'dishes' a day, with real chefs (yes, they are the same who teach our adult classes), and eating it too!

the young ones are kept busy recreating dishes that some think can only come out of a box, a can, a tube, all pre-made... discovering the difference between regular veggies and yummy-tasty organic ones. learning why to buy local. shopping on the market and discovering Chinatown. gaining confidence in the kitchen and teaching their parents a trick or two.

tomorrow is an outing to Castlegarth Farms to truly understand where all this wonderful food comes from, let's hope it doesn't rain!


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