Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ottawa Food Bloggers Unite!

Oh what a fun evening last night was!

Ottawa food bloggers all gathered to hear Ron Eade, the Master of breaking news for the food scene in Ottawa, enjoy delicious food bites and see our resident chef Candice Butler prepare a chicken liver pâté.

It was a delightful opportunity for all of them to meet. I compared it to pen pals, finally putting a face (and personality!) to what we read.

I don't know about you, but I take time every evening to read blogs: more than just recipes, this is about people with a passion for food, and these are people taking the time to share.

You enter their world and get inspired. Learn new tricks. Take on healthier habits. Discover new restaurants. These are real people opening up their world: unlike magazines and tv shows, they have no hidden agenda, no brand to push. Their recipes actually turn out - and if they don't, they will share a laugh with you.

You can read up on the evening and see the food on
rachelle eats food's blog for now. Maybe some more blogs entries will pop up about this in the days following... I have never seen so many people taking pictures of food in one place!!

Get the official scoop on the Chicken Farmers of Canada's blog!

On behalf of the host, the Chicken Farmers of Canada, thanks to all that braved the cold!

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eva's food world
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...and if I forgot some of you, please pipe up!

Thanks to Ryan Anderson for the event planning and great pictures!


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