Friday, March 26, 2010

gnocchi dearest

i have always loved gnocchi.
making gnocchi is a labour of love, its an involved, dedicated process.
but the results are worth it! after roasting potatoes, scooping out flesh and pushing the potato through a ricer, mix together with one egg, flour & salt.shape into a ball and cut in four (as above).

roll into strips .... its up to you the size you like

...i like to cut on the diagonal into diamond shape pillows. then toss
the dumplings on a baking sheet coated with flour

boil the gnocchi in salted boiling water until each floats to the top.
remove with a slotted spoon. toss with quality olive oil and let sit until use.
in my opinion, the sauce is the most important (and delicious) part of gnocchi, so put some love into it! this gnocchi was savoured with a porcini and pork ragu, torn fresh basil and a ridiculous amount of parmesan!


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