Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the tiffins are here! the tiffins are here!

why are we so exited?! the tiffins have arrived! 
and - what is a tiffin, you ask?

in Indian English, tiffin means “lunch”, or any light meal. 
tiffin boxes are unique containers – stackable lunch boxes - that Indian people carry their lunches in. ideally, they contain a variety of items (but are not limited to): rice, vegetables, salad, curries, dal and spicy meats. each course is separated in its own individual container.
and, the tiffin box is urban element’s fresh new take on delicious lunch delivery service.... 
so you can see why we were excited to receive that great big cardboard box from mr. fed ex - all our tiffins were hand-picked by tara's aunt in india, from markets throughout the city. we can't wait to fill them up and let you taste all our delicious new offerings!  

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