Thursday, August 13, 2009

how to prepare a smoke pouch

We had great fun on Tuesday night for the Grill Cuts class!!!

It is always a treat to have chef Jenna Durling in the Studio, the proof is that she has quite a following! Guests did a bee-line to thank her after the class, I found that pretty sweet.

Jenna taught everyone how to do a smoke pouch.

First you need to soak your wood chips for about 1 hour.
You may stick to one type of wood or pick two that complement one another.

Take out the grills from one section of your BBQ. This is where you will drop your pouch (or pouches). Preheat the BBQ. Light only one side for indirect grilling.

To prepare the pouch:
You will need two layers of tin foil.
Lay them out on a flat surface.
In the middle of the foil, put two handfulls of soaked chips.

Then add some dry ones.

Fold over the pouch.

Poke some holes.

Open the BBQ and drop your pouches directly on the fire source on high heat. Close the BBQ and let it fill with smoke. Then simply smoke your meat on the opposite side.

Take into consideration that it is indirect cooking, so your cuts will need to cook longer... This is ideal for tougher cuts of meat or brined meats.

We had delicious Slow Smoked Turkey Legs (and marinated flank steak, and pork belly, and bison, and elk, and wild boar and...). Needless to say that we had full tummies, but still enough room for a chocolate ricotta cheesecake!


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