Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toronto, part 1. Other people's food!

We recently were invited to the Food and Wine Classic in Toronto.
Being the foodies that we are, we took pictures of our food highlight.

Gilead Café

This was my second venture into a Jamie Kennedy location. I had the immense pleasure to share a communal table (and drinks, stories, laughs!) with friends and strangers during our last stop in Toronto for Terroir.

Just a few steps from the Distillery District, this café is dedicated to sourcing local food ingredients (as are all Jamie Kennedy locations), has beautiful light and friendly service.

And this was a heavenly lunch.

We started off by sharing a heirloom tomato plate

The tomatoes, we were told, came from Jamie's garden.
so. full. of. flavor.
The arugula was crunchy and peppery, the light buttermilk dressing just perfect.
We all looked at one another as we savoured our first bites, the best of summer.

We absolutely had to indulge: fries with fried thyme.

Golden delicious! No need for the mayo, the cup was still full when we finished!

Kyle had a roast beef sandwich, not one crumb left.

Carley had a smoked trout salad (and we all tasted! The trout was fabulous... just smokey enough.)

And I had a chicken and rosemary tartine. Skipped the picture on that one, sorry. Ate too quickly. Well seasoned organic chicken, green olives and home pickles all mixed in with a garlicky red pepper vinaigrette.

If you ever are in the area, this is one place to stop for lunch. Some menu items change daily, all are reasonably priced and the portions were just right. If you are lucky enough to stay somewhere that has a fridge, you can buy some extra treats to bring home and enjoy later. That day they had smoked fish, beet salad, meat pies, potato gratin - all was so appetizing and conveniently 'cryovacked' for easy transport.


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