Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beef Fundamentals

Beef, beef, beef.
I think we pretty much did it all. Beef overload.

Shortribs two ways, tartare, tenderloin, striploin, tongue, liver, oxtail, bones for stock, kabobs, skewers, brisket, prime rib, hanger steak, bones for stock, tasting marrow, stews, shin beef... the list goes on.

Kyle from Aubrey's and Piggy Market really charmed us all and will be back for other classes. Here he is with Candice showing off the beautiful roast.

Lovely tartare.

Yorkshire puddings!!!

The roast, cooked to perfection.
A surprise for the evening, tongue!

...and last but not least, asparagus. We need at least one veggie portion right?


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