Friday, May 14, 2010

Sustainable Seafood

Whalesbone Oyster House definitely has changed the fish and seafood scene in Ottawa. Before their arrival, it was possible to make a smart and sustainable choice, but you had to ask a bit more questions to your fishmonger (given that there was one and that you were not speaking to a frozen package...)

Whalesbone has taken all the guess work out of the equation. All sustainable, all the time.

Chef Jenna Durling came over last Tuesday. The catch of the day? Many.

To start, fresh oysters. East Coast please.

Pacific cod for fish tacos.

4 lovely mackerel to be maple smoked.
Arctic char gets a crispy coating to eat with a Celery Root Remoulade.
Tuna melts anyone?

How else would you eat your lobster than butter poached?

Clams and mussels for a bouillabaisse.

And we had more. Halibut. Striped bass. Scallops.

Learning about many spices...

...and reconnecting, finally, with spring vegetables.


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  1. I was just there today to pick up some spot prawns - the quality is unbeatable and piece of mind is pretty nice too!