Wednesday, June 3, 2009

blogs we read...

Sometimes, blogs we read delightfully surprise us... with a blog entry on us!

Rachelle Eats Food is a great read. I have to admit that I went back and read older and older entries... I was so totally hooked on her honesty and, of course, enticing food pictures. I love the Tip Jar!

Funny how we connect with certain people just by reading tidbits of their lives... I feel right at home with her husband's food. It seems like they are taking pictures of dinners at my house!

Below is the entry about the Raw class this past Monday.
I wanted so very much to attend this class, luckily Rachelle took a lot of pictures! I indulged in tartare quite a bit where I used to work, it was my péché mignon (along with rillettes tartines!!!).

The Raw class was also an excuse to taste the food of one of the best chefs in the region, Scott Adams. (to me, he shares the crown with Matthew Brearly of Castlegarth...) For a few years now (hmmm, 4 years I believe!), Benny's Bistro has been my absolute favorite spot for brunch and lunch. I have been many many times, brought friends and family and never have been let down once, a sure sign of a great kitchen, best quality ingredients and passion.

So... two things. Read Rachelle Eats Food, and go to Benny's Bistro!


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