Wednesday, September 2, 2009

feast of fields

yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting the press conference for feast of fields.
the press who showed up really didn't regret it... the food was unbelievable!

it's a really simple principle: if you have top quality ingredients to start with, the end result will be fantastic.

it was fabulous to have some farmers onsite to talk about their produce. the sense of community was tremendous and heartwarming. you can't help but smile when you hear about lambs that eat Beau's Beer's grains and Pascale's ice cream with pickles (yes, pickles, and it will be called Preggers!!! She is paired with The Pickle Patch.)

two teams were invited to cook: last year's winning team, The Red Apron (sadly their farmer was not there!) and our own resident chef Candice Butler and Greta, from Greta's organic seeds.

the red apron served up some local corn polenta, with slow braised lamb, a white bean ragoƻt, heirloom tomatoes...simply heaven. melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

see the beautiful garlic they had to work with?!! It smelled like fresh earth, the colors so inspiring.

Candice served a very modest-looking quesadilla... but the first bite had everyone talking about how tasty is was and wondering about the special ingredients! there was an ancho chili sauce with it as well as some red pepper jam.

oh, the dramatic picture!!!

you still have a bit of time to purchase your tickets for feast of fields, do it quickly before they sell out!



  1. Beautiful food at what I heard was a great media event.

    Oh I wish I had had the opportunity to visit the Urban Element table at Feast of Fields. By the time Sarah came by the dish pit to wash her knives, you were out of food, a testament to your great dishes.

  2. Thank you so much Don!!!
    Candice is the best chef ever, so humble, nothing fussy, just plain tasty and amazing!

    Thank you on her behalf too!