Wednesday, September 16, 2009

prince edward county wines and... deliciousness.

last night we hosted a private wine tasting for 38 lovely women.
again, chef Candice Butler amazed us all.

they had:

roasted tomato and basil strata with creamy C'est Bon goat cheese topped with roasted Bryson Farms heirloom tomatoes and arugula.

so so very tasty pear, Bénédictine and caramelized onion tarts.

these were served with more Bleu Bénédictine and some candied/spiced nuts.
they are addictive.

a beautiful mix of frisée, Hall's apples and celeriac slaw & La Boucanerie's smoked trout.
That trout was so perfect, not too smokey, a delightful texture.

They finished the evening with some crispy polenta topped with a mushroom stew (of course from Le Coprin!). Sorry, no picture, I was listening to the sommelier and taking notes!

Mesdames, ce fut un plaisir!


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