Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bistro Fare

Scott Adams from Benny's Bistro dropped in yesterday to teach a thing or two about Bistro Fare...

As always, it was a delightful evening. It started off with a duck tartare prepared with uber fresh magret from Mariposa Farm, c'est bon goat cheese and a touch of truffle oil (and tons of other delicious ingredients, but that's a secret!)

Then followed the appetizer:

A braised pork belly, topped with a gorgeous scallop + white bean & bacon puree + kale.

The pièce de résistance were delicious, boneless, shortribs.

These were served on silky polenta, with a ratatouille topping.

The evening ended on a sweet note... Some crispy bannock, with a mascarpone cream and stewed plums. No photograph for that one, we were all busy eating.

-marysol (and Scott, and Olivier, and...)

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