Thursday, January 14, 2010

pork fundamentals

This Tuesday was the first part of our Pork Fundamentals with Chef Candice Butler.
Stepping into the kitchen, you were surrounded by rosy cuts of pork: pork belly, more pork belly ready to be bacon-ized, shoulder of pork, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, pork hocks...

Many tests were done in the past week too (Candice does not want to eat pork for awhile):
Pressure cooker vs slow cooking in the oven, brining liquid, brining times, spices rubs for ribs, basting liquids, baking and frying cracklings... This was just like Saveur magazine's test kitchen.

Candice's original recipe for Asian meatballs was turned into a dumpling to show the class another option for entertaining.

Click on the pictures for extra yumminess!
A delicious mix of shitake mushroom, water chestnuts, ginger, 5 spice, coriander roots, chili...are you salivating yet?

This is what caught my attention:

Pork belly!!! One belly was done in a pressure cooker, the other in the oven, pan roasted, oven roasted, brined, not brined. Endless possibilities, always yummy.

This was such a fun class and the second part is coming soon. Making bacon from scratch, I'm up for it!


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