Monday, January 11, 2010

bistro fare to warm your belly

following in the footsteps of marysol's book list the other week, i wanted to share a little gem i happened upon over the holidays - "fresh canadian bistro" by craig flinn is a collection of bistro recipes from canadian chefs coast to coast. what intrigued me most was that there were significant contributions from some of our well-known and well-loved ottawa chefs - steve mitton of murrray street, the fraser brothers from fraser cafe, john taylor of domus, charles part of les fougeres, steve vardy of the black cat and michael moffat of beckta. i love to support canadian content and so this book was right up my alley. and, as i have a mild obsession with collecting cookbooks, this one needed to make it to my own bookshelf. believe me, although the recipes are categorized into spring, summer, fall and winter (as it follows a local and seasonal theme), this book is definitely going to be dog-eared before the winter is over!

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